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    Voted Best Resale Shop In Lubbock!

    We just got the news that we were voted the Best Resale Shop in Lubbock in the KCBD Best Of The West! Thank you guys so much and we promise the best is yet to come!  We are constantly buying and selling the best in Vintage, Designer, and Fashion-Forward items for Men and Women and we've seen such an increase in items since moving to Tech Terrace last year!  If you haven't got to see our new location at 2703 26th St, Lubbock, TX come see us!  We're right next door to J&B Coffe, and Capital Pizza.  Thanks for your support and we'll see you soon!


    Donate Where It Counts!

    This morning I ventured into a new Goodwill Store that opened close to our store.  They've done some great things with their new branding and it smelled great! That's not often mentioned about a Goodwill... That's where the good remarks end.  As I walked in I was bombarded with messages along the walls and ceilings that said things like "Buy Stuff Create Jobs"  "It's about supporting kids by hiring their Parents"

    Let's get something straight, if you buy enough "stuff" at any business it will create the demand to hire more people at that business and thus create jobs. If you look into Goodwill's business model their claim to charity is hiring people with disabilities.  You have to dig pretty good into their self promoting jargon to find that too, by the way.  Their charitable cause, in their own words, is they hire people.  Give me a break.  Oh, they don't have to pay taxes either.  Read this article we shared on our Facebook page written about Goodwill by the Huffington Post for further information on this. 

    We hire people, pay taxes, and give the consumer a fair trade.  We pay you for your clothes you no longer want! Lets summarize: So Goodwill has no taxes, gets free inventory, hires people at less than minimum wage, in most cases, and because of a loop hole, it's all legal!  You can donate your unwanted clothes to whoever you want, but if it's me I'm choosing to donate clothes to an organization that I trust their system or recycle them, or sell them! 

    Please stop donating to Goodwill, there are plenty of other alternatives!

    So, like I said before, we will pay you cash or trade for your clothes.  For the clothes we don't make you an offer on we have teamed up with two great local charities and we'll take your clothes and donate to them for you! 

    Guadalupe Economic Services, is one of our charity partners.  They take the clothes we don't purchase from you and distribute them locally and to surrounding South Plains rural communities. This charity is located in Northeast Lubbock and also reaches out to their neighborhood with their on-site clothing closet and their fundraisers, which include a garage sale with any items they still have at the end of the year.  


    Effortless Recycling

    Did you know Lubbock has the biggest land fill per capita in the state of Texas?  So much of that is clothing items.  Effortless Recycling takes clothing, any fabric, any texture and sends it off to be recycled and made into new clothing.  For the items that are still in great condition, they work with organizations for local and 3rd world charitable distribution. 



    What do we sell? Designer Clothes, Vintage Threads, and an experience

    Disclaimer: This is more of a personal post, but there will be more fashion, art, and all things Culture Clothing in the future:

    As a business owner, I'm always trying to answer this question in a way that will satisfy the consumer.  "What does the consumer want?" is a common question that rattles around in my head.  If you're looking for a static/straight forward answer here it is:  Culture Clothing sells the best in fashion-forward, designer, and vintage resale clothing for Men & Women in Lubbock, TX at a total steal.  

    What I want that answer to sound like is this:

    I want to offer something more through fashion, art, and community by using Culture Clothing as that landing place.  I desperately want to meet the needs of the people who walk through our door. Many times those needs are met when you find a pair of shoes, or pants, but what if Culture Clothing became the first place you thought of when you think about Lubbock shopping, art, culture?  

    Downtown Lubbock is in the middle of a revitalization and I want Culture Clothing to be the staple of this area at best and at worst put a stake in the ground as store that's refreshing, eccletic, and colorful that meets the needs of people. 

    If you're reading this post you're a loyal shopper of our store and I sincerely thank you.  It's because of you we can keep doing what we're doing and help in making Lubbock the place we all want.  


    On a completely different note that should make you happy!

    Just use 50/50 as your promo code when checking out in our online store!





    We've had a lot of interest in an online shopping option, and I'm happy to announce we have it!  The merchandise is very limited right now, but will grow as we assess the items you want to purchase online!  Our main goal is to make it convenient for our customers who have moved from Lubbock to still browse at Culture Clothing. The online store will only carry select items hand-picked by our staff, and will be limited based on availability.  If you see anything on any of our social networking sites that you'd like to purchase online, just let us know and we can make it available on the online store. This will be a secure, and convenient way to purchase through Paypal and we can ship to you in most cases 2-10 business days!  You can shop the online store HERE!  Thanks and enjoy!


    Resale vs. Thrift vs. Consignment

    Have you ever wondered, "What's the difference between Resale, Thrift, and Consignment Stores?  We have! These types of stores have similiarities, but are all different in their respective business models.  One main necessity about thrift stores is they are non-profit.  The majority, if not all of their merchandise is donated, which allows them to sell their items for less, but every dime of the profit from their sells goes to fund a charitable cause.  The next model is consignment shops.

    Consignment stores are probably the majority of our entire resale industry and offer some really high quality products at lower prices because they don't pay the seller for the item until the item sells.  This is huge advantage to the shop because there is no financial risk to them.  If the item doesn't sell they didn't lose any money.  Consignment makes up about 30% of our store.  It's a great way for the customer and the store to make a profit.  Finally this brings us to resale shops.  This is us!

    We pay outright for the majority of the items in our store.  We pay cash or store credit to you when you bring your items in!  This allows us to be selective about the quality of our items, but also means the price tag will be higher than thrift shops albeit way lower than retail!  In most cases we can save you 50% or more off retail prices, and we guarantee the item will be in 'like new' quality!  

    Hope this helps in clarifying this growing industry! We are proud to be a part of it and can't wait to grow our brand with customers like you!  Thanks for reading!